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Global TRE Certification in Canada

Learn how to become a Certified TRE Provider in Canada.


Welcome to the TRE Certification page. As of 2023, all certified Canadian TRE Certification Trainers have joined together to create a new website focused on TRE Provider certification.

TRE Canada will remain focused on sharing the benefits of TRE and offers a directory of Certified TRE Providers in Canada.

On the new Certification Training website, you will find information about the TRE Certification Trainers in Canada, upcoming trainings and special events, as well as, what it involves if you want to become a certified TRE provider.

Please click the link below to go to the new website at

Certification Training TRE

The new training team all studied with Joan McDonald (above left). Starting in 2023, Joan will no longer be offering Module trainings, but will remain active in TRE in a supportive role with the newly formed training team for Canada.

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