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To help you decide if you should attend an open class or have an individual session first, you will want to think about the following. 
Some TRE providers require you to have 1 or more private sessions before attending their group classes while others have open classes.  Please contact the provider directly for further information.



If you don’t have any physical restrictions, anxiety, psychological challenges or are on medications to control symptoms, then joining a TRE class is likely appropriate for you.


If you have any of the above conditions then meeting for a one on one session prior to attending a group TRE class is advised.  Learning TRE in a  Group class  doesn’t allow the Provider to give  one on one time time for those who may need additional personal assistance.


Learning the exercises is relatively easy as the exercises can be modified to suit your body and any restrictions you are experiencing.


Learning how to self-regulate your tremoring may take some personal guidance.  Learning with a Certified TRE Provider in groups and individual sessions will help you understand how to work with what arises.


TRE is a safe self-care practice.  Certified TRE Providers have been trained to teach a person to self-regulate their practice. Self-regulation helps to avoid doing more than the body can process in the moment.


If you wish to attend a one on one session, it usually takes somewhere between an hour and 90 minutes.  This will provide you with a deeper understanding of the tremor mechanism as you explore how your own body uniquely releases.  Every body is unique and will release in accordance with the stress/tension or trauma you have experienced through out your life.



Disclaimer Notice

ONLY USE Certified TRE Providers found on the TRE Provider List. If someone claims to be a Certified TRE Provider and is not on this list they may not be a Certified TRE Provider. Please check with us first.
If you have specific or ongoing medical concerns or issues which require the attention of a medical professional, AND intend to use TRE as part of your healing process, please find a Certified TRE Provider or a TRE Certification Trainer that has knowledge and skills in your specific area of need. (For example: If you have chronic physical pain or chronic physical limitations, you may want to find a TRE Provider who is also a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor. If you have been diagnosed with PTSD or an anxiety disorders, you may choose to work with a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or other trauma specialist).
Although all Certified TRE Providers are trained in TRE, they are also required to work within their own individual “scopes of practice”, skills and knowledge. Please, contact a TRE Certification Trainer if you need further assistance in locating a specialist in your area.
Certified TRE Provider (L1) – certified to teach individuals only


Certified TRE Provider – Fully certified to teach individuals and groups (not permitted for TRE certification training)


TRE Certification Trainer – certified to teach official TRE certification trainings and groups