About Certification


Module 1 can be taken by anyone from the general public. This training is intended to teach the foundations of TRE, supporting people to develop a self-regulated practice. Participants explore in a safe environment with experienced TRE Trainers/mentors learning how to recognize and use strategies to regulate their own practice so they receive the maximum benefit from this self-initiating practice.

Teaching TRE Exercises and activating the tremors isn’t difficult. This is the simplicity of TRE. The complexity of TRE is knowing how to respond to the many and varied responses people have to this natural organic process of releasing stress, tension and trauma.

TRE is a stress reduction tool that most of the population can utilize for self-care, enabling them to decrease held charge/tension/stress stored in the body. TRE can also be helpful in working with Trauma if taught by a Certified TRE Provider either in conjunction with an appropriately trained professional, or by the professional who is also a Certified TRE Provider.


TRE Certification is a competency based, self-initiating training process. Your primary trainer and mentor will be available to support and guide you through the learning process. Your personal tremoring sessions will provide a source of learning and experience as you develop a deepening awareness of the tremor mechanism in the body. This preparatory phase is completed prior to being taught how to work with others individually and in small groups. Prior to leading others each trainee needs to understand and experience the tremors within their own body.

Anyone wishing to move forward into certification will work with a mentor/trainer for 4 personal tremoring sessions, complete 3 books reports (1-2 pages), exchange leading sessions with others in the program, and do one practice teaching session once the mentor/trainer advises it is time. Also the trainee will start the 40 journaling sessions that are required to be done prior to becoming a Certified TRE Provider. The time between Module 1 and 2A is spent focusing on the trainees personal tremoring, deepening their body knowledge of the tremors.

This prepares the trainee to move into the Module 2A & 2B workshops, this is when the details of working
with individuals (2A) and groups (2B) is taught. Following the Module 2A there are 5 supervised
individual leading sessions, and following Module 2B – 3 supervised group-leading sessions with a mentor/
trainer. There is 1 final certifying group leading session with the Trainer.

Individual and Group Leading sessions are completed with your mentor or trainer once a video tape recording of your leading of others is viewed by the mentor/trainer, then feedback is offered. A minimum of two weeks between sessions is required to allow integration of feedback offered by the mentor/trainer. During supervision sessions you will be demonstrating your growing knowledge and ability to teach TRE to individuals and then to small groups.

These are minimum requirements. The final measure for certification is you lead individuals and small groups safely, competently and confidently through the TRE process. You may be required to do additional sessions.

FEES: Module 1, 2A & 2B all are 2.5-day workshops and 13 supervision sessions, included are a projection of books and other training fees and the enrollment fee of $35.00USD.
Generally the certification process takes 12 months and costs approximately $3975.00 CAD (includes applicable tax) if more supervision sessions are with a mentor costs will be lower.
If additional sessions are required to meet competency, then the approximate total price will be higher.

This page provides an overview of the certification process. A follow-up online meeting is arranged with the trainer and mentors following the Module One training, to discuss certification in more depth, and answer any questions that arise.




Christine Steward – South Surrey, BC
Advanced Certified TRE Provider, and RMT
TRE Certification Mentor (working with Joan McDonald)
Christine is also the Director of Operations for TRECanada.
Joan McDonald – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Certification Trainer, Certified TRE Provider
Joan is also the Director of Education for TRECanada.
Paul Darby – Boulder, Colorado
Certification Trainer, Certified TRE Provider 
Paul is a TRE trainer in the Boulder Colorado area.